Who wants to have a pie party!

We can bring our trike right to your office, apartment, house, condo, you name it! That is right, you can rent Boston Cream Pie Company and have a private pie party!

Boston Cream Pie Company will arrive at your location with one of our trikes,  pie boxes, or our full van/trike setup filled with pies of your choice. We will also provide the forks, napkins, and bottles of water for all. The perfect fun event that people will be talking about! See below for pricing information.

We offer two types of Boston Cream Pie Parties.

Our traditional Pie Party

We will fill our trike with a 50/50 split of Classic Boston Cream Pies and Toppings Pies.

Topping Pies include Sprinkles, Oreo Topped, Heath Bar Topped, Reese’s Pieces Topped.

We charge by the Pie. The pies are 4 inches round and are individual sized. Each person should have their own pie. Great for a corporate office party or company giveaway.

20 to 50 pies/people We charge $6 per pie/person.

51 to 250 pies/people We charge $5 per pie/person.

Our Build your own Boston Cream Pie Party

We arrive to your indoor location with our Golden Cakes and you pick the cream, chocolate, and toppings for each pie. Each pie is made right in front of the person. Complete customization. Great for a kids birthday party, wedding, or event where you want to really woo your guests.

20 to 50 custom made pies We charge $7 per customized pie

51 to 250 custom made pies We charge $6 per customized pie

We will charge a travel fee of $20 to any location outside of the Rt 495 beltway in Massachusetts. $25 travel fee for NH and RI.

Please contact us at BostonCreamPieCompany@Gmail.com for more info.